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6 Best Cash Advance Credit Cards with Low Fees and Low APR

The Simmons Bank Visa® Platinum Credit Card offers a variable APR of 13.25% for cash advances made with the card. The cash advance fee is 3% of the advance, with a maximum fee of $50. The APR for purchases and balance transfers is also among the lowest at 9.25% variable APR.

5 Best Cash Advance Credit Cards & How to Get One ...

For the most part, the only way to avoid paying cash advance fees is to go through a local credit union that provides no-fee credit cards, as cards issued by major banks all have cash advance fees. But, in many cases, becoming a credit union member can involve joining a secondary organization, or proving some other qualifying association to become eligible.

Best Credit Cards for Cash Advances

A cash advance lets you take money out of the machine with your credit card just like you do with your ATM card, when you withdraw your own money. However, this type of transaction will show up as a charge on your credit card statement for you to pay off in the future.

NerdWallet’s Best Credit Cards with No Cash Advance Fee

When you’re in a tight circumstance, a cash advance on your credit card can be a helpful (if costly) way to get fast cash. This is usually an expensive proposition.

20 Credit Cards with No Cash Advance Fees

Best of 20 Credit Cards with No Cash Advance Fees. Monday, November 5, 2018. Editorial Note: The editorial content on this page is not provided or commissioned by any financial institution.