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Blockade of Germany (1939–1945) - Wikipedia

The Blockade of Germany (1939–1945), also known as the Economic War, was carried out during World War II by the United Kingdom and France in order to restrict the supplies of minerals, metals, food and textiles needed by Nazi Germany – and later Fascist Italy – in order to sustain their war efforts. The economic war consisted mainly of a naval blockade, which formed part of the wider ...

Liberation: The Second World War in Sicily - Best of ...

Prelude to War. Nobody ever commended George Patton for his tact, but he was one of the best "motivational speakers" of his day. The hapless Axis soldiers who found themselves in Sicily in the hot Summer of 1943 had only a vague idea of what awaited them, and it was far worse than what anybody - even Patton - could put into words.

Eligibility of Urban Co-operative Bank to engage BC - IIBF

The bank should also maintain a register called 'Equitable Mortgage Register' wherein the date, day and time of handing over the documents of title to the properties with an intention to secure the advance should be recorded under the signature of the bank's responsible official.

Pearl Harbor advance-knowledge conspiracy theory - Wikipedia

The Pearl Harbor advance-knowledge conspiracy theory is the argument that U.S. Government officials had advance knowledge of Japan's December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor.Ever since the Japanese attack; there has been debate as to how and why the United States had been caught off guard, and how much and when American officials knew of Japanese plans for an attack.