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How to Sell Merchant Cash Advances - Part I

Visit for more free sales training resources. James Shepherd offers advice on how to sell merchant services on this channel.

How to Turn a Terrible Cold Call into a Sale #SalesMoment -Sell Merchant Services

Visit to start your free 30 day trial and watch this video to see me sell merchant services the wrong way and then sell it the right ...

Tips For Cash Advance Salesman


Car Salesman Salary, Earnings and Bonuses

A car salesman salary explanation that includes how car salesmen get paid. Whether you sell cars now or you are thinking about becoming a car salesman. The salary of a car salesman is a must read.

Confessions of a Retail Salesman: Beware of These 4 Sales ...

A few months ago, I ventured out clothing shopping for the first time in a long, long time. Specifically, I was out looking for a suit as I had an interview coming up and I wanted to look sharp.

Auto Loans for Good Credit -

There is no shortage of auto lenders out for your business, but many claim to be the best, but in reality they can't hang with the rest. There are many places to start you're shopping for the lowest loan rates and you could look to a local bank, credit union, the car dealership or find plenty of sources online.

50 Budget Travel Tips to Save Money on Vacations

Want budget travel tips for free? Wouldn’t you want to travel more often without breaking the bank? What if I told you that instead of planning one family trip a year, you can go twice with the same budget? If you are at all interested, read on to find out how you can do simple things to save ...

Tips for Surviving a Timeshare Presentation

There are people who make a sport of attending timeshare presentations just for the freebies offered. I am not going to condone or disapprove of this behavior, my role is simply that of an informer – letting the public know the ins and outs of a timeshare presentation.